Music That Bridges The Generation Gap...
Alternative, Americana, Country, Blues, Rock, Singer/Songwriter...

Sherri is the ultimate chameleon, able to deliver a show that speaks to any generation.Her love for
all styles of music allows her to weave seamlessly between genres, creating a musical fabric that
is unique and beautiful! Whether performing her original songs or fan favorites from the past three decades,
the sonic landscape of each show is carefully customized to the wants and needs of the audience!

Sherri Mullen Compelling lyrics, powerful vocals, and passionate performance make this award winning singer/songwriter shine. Gracing stages at venues large and small from Nashville to Pennsylvania, Sherri is a seasoned, professional performer who loves all things music! This former Executive Producer/Internet Radio Show Host, and Television Personality was a 2008 Pennsylvania State Finalist in the "Colgate Country Showdown", and she has won a variety of awards for songwriting, performance, best new album, music video, and female vocalist. Her energy on stage is contagious, her smile will melt your heart, and her songs will make you laugh, cry, and tap your feet!

After the release of her third solo CD "Fearless", Sherri made music a "family affair" as she teamed up with her prodigy guitarist/son Shane, re-inventing her sound and creating a unique show with cross genre appeal, intricate harmonies, and musical versatility! The one/two punch of Mullen & Mullen made this one of the strongest and most unique musical offerings around, appealing to all age groups, and embraced by fans of Adult Alternative, Americana, Blues, and Rock genres alike! Sherri & Shane began writing together in mid 2009, for her fourth CD "SMē - Strange Symmetry", which was released in May 2010, and they toured for a year in support of the CD. This project became a turning point in Sherri's career...allowing her to get back to her rock and roll roots and once again giving her the freedom to move between genres.

In 2015, Sherri decided to celebrate her 15th year in music by putting out 2 self recorded/produced full length albums, her most personal and introspective collection to date. Chosing to feature the piano, where her love of music bloomed at a young age, she recorded "Shadows", a collection of intimate piano ballads. "Shadows" was released in February 2015. The sequel/follow up "Rise", slated for release in Summer 2015, will once again bring her full circle back to her signature style of predominently guitar based alternative selections.

In addtion to writing, recording, and releasing new material, Sherri continues to pursue licensing deals for her vast catalog, while she performs in regional venues with her support team of highly creative, professional, musical partners. Her versatile pool of talented musicians, allows her to deliver quality solo, duo, trio and full band shows...while keeping each show fresh and interesting.

In a time where many artists stagnate after one or two albums, Sherri's creativity and diversity have allowed her to continue to surprise and delight her growing fan base for nearly a decade. Unpredictable and fearless, she forges ahead tackling each CD project with a fresh, modern approach with no boundaries. Her independently released collection includes "Mask" (2002), "On The Edge" (2005), "Fearless" (2007), "SMē - Strange Symmetry" (2010), and "Shadows" (2015), and her song catalog continues to expand, while her followers wait with anticipation of "What will she do next?"!

Sherri is endorsed by STORM Guitars,Daisy Rock Guitars, Wicked Threads, and Rebel Guitar Straps.

Powerful Vocals, Prolific Songwriting,
Passionate about ALL THINGS MUSIC!!

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