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Specializing in music for the film/tv market, as well as radio ready hits for indie artists & national acts! We represent some of the finest songwriters & composers from around the globe!

With a diverse catalog of pre-cleared songs and instrumentals spanning a variety of genres, we have the music to fit your needs! So bring your creativity and your vision, and let us find that perfect song to bring YOUR project to life!

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  • Christy Jefferson
  • Rick Caballo
  • Kendra Legare
  • Joe Trojcak
  • Bruce Hill
  • Deja Vudoo
  • Michelle Quick
  • SM2
  • Rhyne McCormick
  • Erin Kelly

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Our entire Song Catalog is online! Use our Advanced Search to search by genre, theme, style, tempo and more!! Or give us a shout and we'll help you to find what you need!


Synchronization/Master Use licensing is a breeze as our songs are all pre-cleared! We also offer Mechanical licensing for cds & digital downloads in large or limited quantities! For indie artists working on a budget, we offer cost effective Track licensing!

Student Licensing

We work with colleges and students, by supplying quality pre-cleared music for student projects! Our Student Licensing Portal makes it easy for students to find and license songs for their productions! Become a Student Licensing Partner today!

Music Supervision

Need assistance finding the right music for your film or tv show? From song selection, to clearance, to cue sheets…we can keep your project on schedule!


Need help understanding copyright, performance rights, licensing, or royalties? Want to start your own publishing company? From music business topics, to catalog administration services, to songwriting coaching…our experienced industry professionals are here for YOU!

Custom Score

Let our composers work directly with you to provide custom score for your advertising campaign, film or television show! From tv and radio jingles, to feature films…we will work within your budget!


Need a guest speaker, panelist, or educator for your next event? We offer workshops, mentoring, consultation, and education in a group setting. We'll come to your group OR your music industry conference!

Song Critiques

We offer SONG CRITIQUES for songwriters who want advice on how to take their songwriting to the next level.