Music That Bridges The Generation Gap...
Alternative, Americana, Country, Blues, Rock, Singer/Songwriter...

Sherri is the ultimate chameleon, able to deliver a show that speaks to any generation.Her love for
all styles of music allows her to weave seamlessly between genres, creating a musical fabric that
is unique and beautiful! Whether performing her original songs or fan favorites from the past three decades,
the sonic landscape of each show is carefully customized to the wants and needs of the audience!

Sherri Mullen Compelling lyrics, powerful vocals, and passionate performance...In a time where many artists stagnate after one or two albums, Sherri Mullen’s creativity and diversity have allowed her to continue to surprise and delight her growing fan base for over a decade! Unpredictable and fearless, this award winning Middletown PA based singer/songwriter forges ahead, tackling each CD project with a fresh, modern approach with no boundaries. Her independently released CD collection includes MASK (2002), ON THE EDGE (2005), FEARLESS (2007), "SM˛ - STRANGE SYMETTRY" (2010 - a collaboration with her son Shane), SHADOWS (2015), and RISE (2015), and her catalog continues to grow while her followers wait with anticipation of “What will she do next?”

Sherri Mullen is an experienced performer who has headlined a variety of venues and events across the country. In addition to her six independently released CD’s, Sherri plays an extensive list of popular songs from a variety of genres, spanning three decades of music! This broad spectrum of music allows Sherri to customized the show to the audience. SOLO, DUO, TRIO, or FULL BAND - she delivers a fun, family friendly show that is embraced by all age groups. Her energy on stage is contagious, her smile will melt your heart, and her songs will make you laugh, cry, and tap your feet!

A seasoned music industry professional, Sherri is passionate about helping others to succeed! Her days are spent managing copyrights and pursuing music licensing deals on behalf of other talented songwriters (MUSIC FORTRESS - powered by: RDSD Publishing), teaching music business as an adjunct professor at Lebanon Valley College, and through outreach as a consultant/mentor, and serving as a panelist at various music industry conferences.

Sherri has won a variety of awards for songwriting, performance, best new album, music video, and female vocalist. Her songs have been featured on radio, films, television, print, and other artist projects around the globe.

Powerful Vocals, Prolific Songwriting,
Passionate about ALL THINGS MUSIC!!

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